Manipal Student Arundhati
Alumni SOC Class of 2014

I Want a Time Machine!

There are some experiences in life which are so awesome, that you just want to relive them again and again! And my stint at Manipal was totally one of those experiences. I wish I had a time-machine, so that I can go back and enjoy my glorious Manipal days all over again.

Let’s rewind the clock. It was in July 2011 when I set out on a journey, a journey into a whole new dimension! I was fresh out of school, a young student who wasn’t used to stepping out of the protective world of my parents. I was quite nervous, because honestly, I had no idea about where life would take me. That’s just how life is when you’re 18 years old.

But nothing comes easy in life! I HAD to grow! And I HAD to step out of my comfort zone. However, after coming to Manipal, I soon realised that I had stepped out of one comfort zone to simply enter another one. And this one was magical in it own way! At Manipal, I met some amazing friends and faculty members who made me feel at home instantly, and also taught me some vital life lessons. Here, I learnt the arts of responsibility, empathy and perseverance.

Oh, and life was fun too. And I mean a LOT of fun! My visits to serene beaches and the greenest of landscapes were full of magical moments in which I could unwind. Also, the freedom that Manipal gives you to to grow and develop as an individual, both inside and outside the classroom, is absolutely amazing.

Fast forward to today, it seems like the choice I made six years back has shaped me for the rest of my life! At first, I did made some mistakes, like any another newbie. But the positive energy the campus and its people gave me kept me motivated and going. Manipal was the perfect platform for me to learn, even from little mistakes. That’s when I truly understood education. An education beyond books!

I don’t believe I’m typing this, but here goes – I miss the hard work too. It can be difficult at times. There will be pressure from parents and peer groups, but I soon realised that this was for the greater good. Having a fun college life is great, but succeeding in academics and building up a career profile is also vital. The environment here motivated me, and I stayed inspired until I reached the destination of success.

Trust me when I say this, Manipal is a complete joy ride. Given a chance, I would any day love to go back to Manipal, quite simply because the place has its own charm and experience!

And now, I just need to talk my pals from Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) into building a time machine for me!

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