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Why You Should Pursue MA English Literature?

English literature offers exciting avenues for its students. Contrary to popular belief, English literature is so much more than just Shakespeare. It is an exciting field that offers a plethora of opportunities for those who wish to take it up with zeal and zest. And a Masters in English Literature is one of the best ways to expand your knowledge on the subject. While pursuing a master’s degree, it becomes even more vital for you to do it from a college that offers all avenues for you to expand your capabilities.

What are the Career Opportunities After MA English Literature?

While the subject itself is interesting, there will be very few takers for it if it doesn’t offer lucrative career offers. The common misconception regarding a master’s degree in English is that the only career option is teaching. This is as far as possible from the truth. Here are some of the exciting career paths you can choose.


Who said teaching isn’t exciting? The job of a lecturer is much more than just teaching. It entails research and guiding students in their research work as well. If you love exploring new areas of English literature and helping others gain new insights into the subject, then you should consider becoming a lecturer.


An editor is much more than a writer. As an editor, you will be leading a team of writers, vetting their work, deciding the ones that can be published and even deciding the topics on which others will write.

Public Relations

As the job title suggests, PR requires you to communicate with a host of people. Good communication skills are one of the most basic requirements for this job and what better way to develop your communication skills than with English masters programs?


Journalism is one of the most compelling careers as you are at the forefront of the things that happen around the world. Naturally, a journalist needs to have excellent writing skills to communicate their views to the world.


You read that right! You can choose to pursue law after completing your masters in the English language. A significant part of your job description as a lawyer is to peruse legal documents. The master’s degree will provide you with the skills necessary to ensure that you understand the complicated text with ease. Of course, you still need to complete a law degree after your MA in English literature to follow this career path.

Why Do Your Master’s Degree in English from MAHE?

Manipal Centre for Humanities offers a Master of Arts in English that focuses on Indian and international literary works and doesn’t limit itself to the classics. By doing so, the students get to expand their horizons and immerse themselves in a unique and exhilarating experience. In keeping with the times, the MA in English literature from Manipal also includes the latest areas of interest such as film and gender studies. Traditionally, English literature was always studied in chronological order. However, Manipal is re-inventing the Master of Arts in English by offering an innovative course structure that challenges and tickles the fantasy of the students. It prods you to immerse yourself deeper in the subject at hand.

Make the Right Choice!

As you can see, MA in English literature can open many doors for your career. However, for you to succeed in these jobs, the course should have equipped you well. The master’s program from MAHE does exactly that. It focusses on research, critiquing literary works, philosophy and creative writing in a setting that lets you attain your maximum potential.

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