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What You Should Pursue M.Tech In Chemical Engineering

Chemical engineering is among the classical engineering streams. Chemical engineering combines chemistry, mathematics, physics, and even biology to solve problems related to fuel, food, drugs, and other such compounds. With the advent of computer science and electronics, chemical engineering course had lost its appeal among students. However, the field is witnessing a resurgence. More and more students are opting for this exciting area.

As with most engineering fields nowadays, a graduate degree or M.Tech can skyrocket your employment opportunities. But that isn’t the only reason to opt for M.Tech in chemical engineering. Pursuing higher education is a big commitment. It is also an opportunity to learn new subjects, delve deeper into a particular topic and expand your horizons. Here is an insight into the chemical engineering syllabus for M.Tech.

The M.Tech course from chemical engineering colleges in India comprises of 4 semesters. The first two semesters focus on coursework, whereas the final two are about project work, internship, and research. The courses are categorized as core and electives. The core courses are mandatory, whereas you get to choose the electives.

Wondering what the core courses are? Here is a list.

Advanced Process Control

Advanced Process Control is a course on the techniques used in addition to basic process controls in industrial control systems. It is used in industries such as petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, food processing, oil and mineral refining, etc. where the process is continuous. Basic process control is a part of the B.Tech Chemical Engineering syllabus. The course covers plantwide control, structural decisions, monitoring, tuning and structuring of the base control layer, multivariate control, model-based predictive control and the controllability analysis of such systems.

Process Modelling and Simulation

Process modeling and simulation courses help you gain an understanding of how to develop models for a system of interconnected components. You will learn how to transform these models into different domains and geometries, simplify the model to study its steady-state and dynamic behavior and much more. As a part of the course, you will also learn to develop computer models to do the same.

Chemical Reactor Analysis and Design

Reactors are a crucial component in all chemical manufacturing. This course is designed to provide a thorough understanding of everything related to reactors starting from the types of various reactions, transport processes, modeling of the reactors to various types of reactors and their intricacies.

Advances in Fluidization Engineering

Fluidization engineering involves the study of fluidization beds, dense beds, bubbling fluidized beds, solid movement, gas dispersion and various factors related to fluidization and its industrial applications. The course also covers the latest developments and findings in the field.

Chemical Process Design

Chemical Process Design is perhaps the most crucial subject in your M.Tech in chemical engineering in India. It teaches you how to bring together the knowledge acquired from the rest of the subjects and design facilities that can be used for manufacturing various chemicals. It covers topics such as fractionation tray design, surface facility design of oil and gas production, fluid-flow piping design, liquid extraction and more.

Advanced Transport Phenomena

Heat, mass and pressure transfer is the most basic and vital aspects of chemical engineering. Advanced Transport Phenomena course will equip you with solve complex problems related to heat and mass transfers. You will also gain insights into microbalance, connective transport, and immiscible phase.

The courses mentioned above are only the core courses. You also get to choose elective subjects. Here is where you can truly customize the course to suit your interests. You can choose your electives from diverse topics such as fuel cell technology, bioprocess engineering, polymer dynamics, process optimization, advanced food process engineering and much more.

What makes all these subjects to the next level and guarantees employment at the end of your M.Tech in chemical engineering is that you learn the most updated curriculum from qualified faculty and practice your skills in state-of-the-art labs.

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