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Why MSc in Nursing is the Perfect Career Booster for You

There is a growing demand for nurses at different healthcare facilities with the rise in population and the advancement of technology. A rise in demand means there is a large number of opportunities for nurses with a bachelor’s degree. They can elevate their careers further by obtaining a Master of Science (MSc) in nursing.
During an MSc Nursing course, students will learn how to properly care for patients and teach other employees how to efficiently communicate with patients and their relatives. The course also teaches valuable skills required for managing other medical employees.
In terms of employment and future work, a Master’s Degree in nursing allows nurses to explore different specialties while still honing their core skills to deliver better care to patients. This helps nurses stand out more than someone with only a basic bachelor’s degree.

The Advantages of Getting a Master’s in Nursing

With continuous advancements in the medical field, a Master of Science in Nursing offers a large variety of specializations and programs to extend your nursing education. Higher education comes with significant advantages, and we have listed some below:

1. Higher pay

Finishing an MSc Nursing degree is a straightforward way to gain access to good pay. According to a study by PayScale, a nurse with a master’s degree earns an average of 6.5 lakhs per year; around 2 lakhs more than a nurse with a bachelor’s degree. This rate could go higher depending on the area of work and specialty.

2. More Career Options

A Master of Science in Nursing graduate possesses the information, skills, and advanced training necessary to provide a high caliber of care in their specialty. This automatically boosts career options for graduates having the option to become mentors, a certified midwife, a nurse anesthetist, or any other speciality.

3. Improved Working Hours

It is no secret that those in the medical field have rewarding jobs, albeit with tough working hours. Since a master’s degree allows nurses to take up managerial positions, their working hours can be cut down to 40-hour workweeks rather than daily 12-hour shifts.

4. Extend Your Career

Registered nurses are commonly employed in hospitals and doctor’s offices. This means they are constantly on their feet while juggling between numerous tasks. Constantly standing and walking around could lead to back and leg problems, or maybe even lead to early retirement. However, with an MSc in Nursing, nurses can opt for administrative roles, which means less time standing or walking, fewer injuries, and thus, an extended career.

5. Gain More Knowledge

Any nurse looking to gain more knowledge in their field should consider getting a Master’s Degree in Nursing. A master’s program teaches how to provide better care, oversee the management of other nurses, teach medical staff, improve communication with patients and their relatives, etc. A master’s degree is also the first step in getting a Ph.D. in Nursing.

6. Become an Inspiration to Others

Since MSc in Nursing allows you to take up mentoring and leadership roles, you can inspire others in your field to increase the quality of care. Your progress can motivate others to achieve their full potential and become leaders, rather than basic employees.

This postgraduate degree in nursing is a great way to go beyond the norm and achieve a higher standard of life. Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) offers MSc in Nursing as a comprehensive program that covers all the necessary background and skills required to make you a leader in your field. So grab the opportunity of obtaining a Masters Degree in Nursing from MAHE to be an important part of the healthcare industry.

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