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Introduction to Masters in Computer Applications Course

MCA is one of the more lucrative fields today. As we move towards a more computerized world, its scope and growth prospects seem incredibly exciting. An MCA, or Masters in Computer Applications, is a highly sought-after course due to its industry-oriented approach.

Duration of the Course

MCA is a 2-year course spread over four semesters, with a few subjects each semester. The actual breakdown of subjects in each semester varies from university to university, but a brief idea of subjects is given below.

Subjects in MCA Course

As the name itself suggests, the successful completion of this course rewards students with a Masters’ degree in Computer Applications. Here is a breakdown of the subjects you are likely to encounter while studying MCA:

1. Mathematics Oriented: Discrete Mathematics, Numerical and Scientific Computation, Theory of Computation, etc.

2. Data-Oriented: Computer Organisation, Data and File Structures, Data Warehousing and Mining,Data Communications and Networking, DBMS (Database Management Systems), etc.

3. Programming Oriented: Programming in C; Object-Oriented Programming in C++; Java Programming; Design and Analysis of Algorithms; Linux Programming; Software Testing; Enterprise Computing with Java.


MCA admission eligibility is quite standard across universities.

One is expected to have a Bachelor in Computer Applications or a related field. B.Tech graduates with computer science, for example, are also eligible for admission into MCA courses.

In case of direct admission to MCA, the student is also expected to have at least the minimum aggregate marks in their bachelor’s, as required by the Institute concerned.

In case of admission through entrance exams, the student is expected to clear the entrance examination and any other subsequent rounds, such as GD, Personal Interview, etc. to the satisfaction of the Institute concerned.

Fee Details

The fee for this course, again, varies greatly from university to university.

The average fee for the three-year course comes to about INR 3-5 lakhs. Again, this varies according to the Institute, but the general idea is that a better guided MCA will cost you a bit more than others.

Career Prospects

This is one of the most exciting parts when it comes to the MCA course. Candidates with an MCA degree from a reputed institution are sought-after for various kinds of jobs, very closely related to what one studies during their MCA. This makes the 3-year course worth it, in terms of employability. As stated earlier, MCA is a very industry-oriented course, which makes it easier for you to find a related job.

MCA graduates can be employed in a host of different sectors, like Software companies, Governmental agencies, Technical fields in banking, Schools and other Educational Institutions, Security and Surveillance Technology, etc.

Here are a few positions you could occupy as a technical MCA graduate:

1. Software Developer

2. Hardware Engineer

3. Software Engineer

4. System Analyst

5. Web Designer

6. Technical Writing


MCA is a fairly technical course, which has become lucrative in the last few years due to our increased dependence on computers. MCA students are exposed to a host of different programming languages, as well as data management. This multi-sectoral exposure makes it easier for students to get jobs.

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