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Everything You Need to Know About Master’s Course in Social Work

Have you ever looked at a social issue and thought of ways to combat it? Do you like helping people or communities improve their social standing? Does working towards the betterment of the society seem like an exciting and intriguing prospect to you? If so, then you are the ideal candidate for a Master’s in Social Work.

Why does social work need a degree? Shouldn’t the will to do good be enough? Well, yes and no. The determination to do social work will be wasted if you are not sure where to direct your efforts. You have to know how to identify the issues that you can help with and the best way to approach them. An MSW degree equips you with the skills needed to bring about a positive change in society. Here is everything you need to know about the Master’s degree in Social Work.

Eligibility and Admission

Anyone with a Bachelor’s degree in any area is eligible for the MSW degree. It would, however, be better if you have a background in sociology, psychology, social science, etc. With such a background, you may be able to get a better grasp of the issues at hand. It also helps you understand various perspectives and communicate better with people.

Prestigious institutions such as MAHE consider your marks in the Bachelor’s course for admission to the MSW course. If you clear the cutoff marks criteria, then you qualify for a personal interview, which will test your predisposition towards social work and the betterment of society.

Coursework in Master’s in Social Work

The coursework for the MSW degree covers a wide range of subjects. Understanding human behavior is a fundamental job requirement, and you will have one or two courses on this aspect. It is also equally vital that you can communicate clearly in a few languages; therefore, you may have to learn a regional language in addition to English and Hindi. Social work in a clinical setting and psychiatric training are also vital. Community development is another specialization covered by the social work degree. Managing human resources and industrial relations are also covered.

Career Scope of MSW Course

As opposed to popular opinion, a Master’s degree in Social Work can offer very lucrative jobs to students. The jobs are not limited to NGOs alone. Here are some of the different kinds of jobs that await you upon completion of the degree.


There are a variety of opportunities in hospitals as counselors, in palliative care, and as organ transplant coordinators.

Government Sector

The home ministry, child and women welfare department, department of justice, and department of social welfare hire those with MSW degree as program developers and researchers.

HR Executives

Every company, irrespective of the field, needs an HR department to handle social welfare, recruitment, performance appraisal, industrial relations, training of employees, etc. You can pursue this line of career after your MSW degree.

Community Development

Innumerable groups are working for the welfare of society. They hire those with MSW as liaison officers, project planners, community mobilizers, etc. You can even work with international organizations such as UNESCO, Red Cross, NABARD, etc.

Why Choose MAHE?

Prasanna School of Public Health, which comes under MAHE, offers a comprehensive MSW degree that equips you with all the skills necessary to land a good job while helping others. The course provides students with hands-on experience through workshops, training programs, study tours, rural camps, case studies, group discussions, debates, fieldwork, internships, and much more. You will be hard-pressed to find another course that covers the theoretical and practical aspects of the job as well as the one by MAHE.

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