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Data Science Course: The Hotbed of High Paying Jobs

Data has rightly been dubbed as the oil of the digital economy, largely because of its immense potential. It has enabled new digital technological solutions, including machine learning and artificial intelligence. This has led to a surge in the demand for data science courses. Simply put, data science courses have become increasingly popular with the coming of Big Data.

Data science is a field of analytics that involves a hybrid of several tools, algorithms, and machine learning principles to uncover hidden patterns from a given data set. It is used to make decisions and predictions using predictive and prescriptive analytics and machine learning. A Master’s in Data Science usually includes specialized training that builds strong foundations in analytical statistics, that can be applied to computational and biological sciences.

Why the Data Science Master’s Program?

As data and information become key to business strategy, having a master’s in Data Science can really fuel your future. Data is not only used in the IT industry, but it is also supercharging a range of other industries, including healthcare, banking, insurance, retail, etc. This has led to a demand for data scientists in all these industries and domains. And since all decisions made are backed by data – from small regional offices to big corporate board meetings – data scientists will be required to get directly involved in key, strategic decision-making processes.
Popular jobs and titles after completing a data science course include Analytics Engineer, Analytics Manager, Big Data Engineer, Business Analyst, Data Architect, Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Business Intelligence (BI) Architect, and Business Intelligence Engineer, etc.

Admission Process

In India, the master’s degree is usually pursued upon the completion of a bachelor’s program. Therefore, to apply for an MSc in Data Science, students need to hold at least a bachelor’s degree. All premium institutes require at least 60% in BCA/B.Sc. Statistics, Mathematics, or Computer Science, usually. Students with a degree in Bachelor in Engineering or B.Tech are also eligible for enrolling, provided they meet the minimum cut off percentage.
Only eligible students can appear for the entrance test, which eventually determines students who qualify for the course. The duration of the master’s in a data science course is two years, which is usually divided into four semesters.

Future Prospects

There has undoubtedly been a surge in the demand for data scientists across companies in various industries. Most companies are struggling to fill their job openings due to a lack of talent in the market. To address this shortage of data scientists, many reputed universities are providing world-class master’s programs in data engineering and data analytics.
As future employers haggle for the best talent, students with a postgraduate degree in data science are in a comfortable position to demand a higher salary. After all, a survey conducted by job search platform Joblift found out that almost half of their job listings of data science required applicants to have a postgraduate qualification. This also opens your door to pursue future studies and a Ph.D. while doubling your chances to get job offers in this field.

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