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BSc Perfusion Technology (BSc PFT): A Degree To Enter The Fast Growing Healthcare Sector

In this article, we will discuss the definition and career prospects of a BSc in Perfusion Technology, which is also known as BSc (PFT). You will also get to know the eligibility criteria, salary prospects, and job opportunities available in this field in our country.

As you know, the past few decades have seen a rapid advancement in Medical Sciences and related technologies. In a modern surgery theatre and ICUs, there are sophisticated machines to assist surgeons and help the entire team of doctors and postoperative caregivers in properly monitoring the physiological state of the patient.
So the term perfusionist or perfusion technology is not so common, especially in the non-medical circles. However, in the medical community, almost everyone is familiar with the role of a perfusion technologist and his importance in the surgical theatre.

A perfusion technologist is supposed to work with doctors in the department of surgery. They are quite trained not only in operating machines but as a medical professional.
When a cardiac or a related surgery is being performed in a theatre room, a perfusionist plays a significant role.

They operate the heart machine during and after cardiovascular surgery and therefore, they are also known as cardiovascular perfusionists.
You must be aware that the heart machine is used along with the humans, and sometimes it replaces the humans, and therefore, a perfusion technologist is no less important than any of his team members performing surgery.


To pursue a career in perfusion technology, you must have passed your Std. 12th exam with PCB subjects. BSc in perfusion technology is a degree level program, and its duration is either 3 or 4 years. It is aimed to prepare the students to pursue a career in the healthcare sector without any additional qualification.

However, it is not the only requirement. To become a successful perfusion technologist, you must be ready to work as a team player and enjoy working as a team. If you are a person who likes to work independently or solo, then this career is not for you.

You must also have an analytical bent of mind and data interpretation and reporting skills. It is important as you will be dealing with the critical heart records of the patients, and you will have to report them to the concerned individuals. It is a job that involves stressful situations, and you must possess a high degree of stress tolerance.

Career opportunities

With the growing number of hospitals and healthcare services along with an increasing number of successful surgeries, especially the heart and lung-related cases, the demand for perfusionists is increasing everywhere.

You can work with a government or a private hospital, and you can also choose to work as a freelancer. As people are growing their confidence in such types of complex surgical processes, the opportunities are growing even in smaller cities, and it will continue to grow further.
Perfusion companies also need fresh graduates trained in perfusion technology in order to meet the growing demands of their clients.

Lots of employment opportunities exist related to jobs such as patient monitoring and postoperative care, especially in the ICU.

BSc Perfusion Technology course details

B Sc in perfusion technology comprises of a three or four-year degree course followed by a brief internship for a couple of months (you can do an internship during the course itself). The course comprises both theoretical lectures and laboratory training.
You will also be trained in other areas of Medical Sciences such as biochemistry, physiology anatomy, perfusion technology equipment and perfusion technology (including clinical and applied and advanced) and related medicine.
To know more about the perfusion technology syllabus, you can download the prospectus from your chosen college’s website.

BSc in Perfusion Technology at Manipal

School of Allied Health Sciences, Manipal offers a 4-year advanced degree program. You can also go for MSc in perfusion technology after doing your perfusionist course.

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