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Why a Biomedical Engineering Degree is a Great Choice for Science Lovers

Biomedical engineering is a term that is getting popular among students interested in studying science and medicine. This ever-evolving field has multiple disciplines and is a great option for an undergraduate degree. You can find out more in the article below.

What is biomedical engineering?

Biomedical engineering, also referred to as BioMed or BME, is a STEM field that combines elements of both biology and engineering. In this multidisciplinary field, the principles and materials of engineering are applied in medical and healthcare industries evolving these fields further.
Biomedical engineering has led to several life-saving breakthroughs and inventions such as artificial organs, advanced prosthetics, surgical robots, kidney dialysis, new pharmaceutical drugs, and more. If you are interested in engineering and keen on solving human-based issues then this is the right field for you.


A degree in biomedical engineering, also referred to as a Bachelor of Technology Biomedical program, can be acquired from any prestigious institution. Getting into a BTech program requires the applicants to clear their 10+2 level or equivalent with Physics, Maths, and English as compulsory subjects with Chemistry, Biology, or Biotechnology as optional subjects. Applicants must have a minimum of 50% marks in Physics, Maths, and anyone of the optional subjects together.


Since biomedical engineering is a broad field, it contains numerous subdivisions that a graduate can get into, these include:

A. Biomaterials
B. Computational Biology
C. Biomedical Electronics
D. Bio-nanotechnology
E. Cellular, Tissue and Genetic Engineering
F. Medical imaging

A biomedical engineering syllabus is a unique mix of engineering and healthcare so students are exposed to many different topics, such as signals and systems, biomedical instrumentation, digital system design, basic clinical science, essentials of management, and more. As a result, graduates of this program are eligible for a wide array of job roles. Some of these roles involve tasks such as:

A. Research on a novel drug delivery method to treat chronic diseases
B. Develop software to detect abnormal heart rhythms
C. Develop a unique research device to further scientific innovation
D. Improve upon the existing imaging modalities such as PET, MRI or CAT scans either through new technology or the advancement of existing technology
E. Create devices that satiate the communication and or mobility needs of a handicapped individual
F. Provide hospitals with engineering expertise in the evaluation and implementation of new technologies
G. Design and develop better hip implants for the future

The job opportunities available for a biomedical engineering graduate are:

A. Research – Pharmaceutical and other medical companies hire biomedical engineers to fulfill various roles revolving around research to solve existing medical problems. This could include researching new pharmaceutical drugs, medical devices and more.

B. Manufacturing engineer – These professionals are in charge of the design and development of medical instruments, imaging devices, prosthetic devices and more.

C. Software engineer – This involves designing and developing software that supports various medical applications.

D. Application Engineer – This job entails explaining the workings of a medical device to a client or customer, so they understand the device better. These professionals often work hand in hand with the sales team.

E. Quality engineer – This role involves making sure that medical devices and products meet standards set by the relevant authorities.

F. Physicians – Biomedical engineers can choose to get a medical degree after their graduation and become a doctor.

There are many other roles and opportunities in this versatile field, which is growing immensely day by day. The salary of a biomedical engineer depends on their future graduations and job roles. Therefore, biomedical engineering is definitely a good option for science lovers and the same can be pursued from renowned institutions in India among which Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) is definitely one of the best to opt for.

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