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Best Engineering Courses- How To Choose The Branch And Subject?

Engineering has always been (and still is) one of the most popular undergraduate courses for students in India. Once the decision to pursue a BTech (Bachelor of Technology) is taken, post-schooling, the next obvious step is to pick an engineering course.
However, choosing your perfect match amongst the plethora of options and wide-reaching specializations available in the engineering field can be an uphill task.
If you’re also facing the same dilemma of choosing the best BTech course, we’ve outlined five expert tips to make the selection process easier.

Tips to Choose the Best Engineering Courses

The fact that there is a range of engineering disciplines available and each involves some form of problem-solving and technical designing to deal with real-world issues makes it essential to understand what each of these BTech courses entails. This makes your decision regarding the choice of the course much easier.
Before we move to the tips for how to choose a branch in engineering, let us first discuss some of the popular BTech courses available and what they deal with.

Engineering Branches

Computer Science Engineering

With the highest number of jobs offered to computer science engineers (CSE) every year, it is pretty clear that this stream sees a relatively high number of BTech admissions. The branch deals with the development and coding of various services, as well as testing and real-time support.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering, being one of the oldest, is a core branch of engineering. It has always been in steady demand in terms of employability. Electrical engineers are required in various power sector organizations, defense forces, manufacturing sectors, among others. Additionally, they are also hired by the IT sector for software development and ERP solutions.

Mechanical Engineering

With a robust heavy-manufacturing industry in India such as metal, steel, automobile, and mining, there has always been a steady demand for fresh and talented engineering graduates in the mechanical field. The other sectors, where mechanical engineers are required, including IT, to design and develop ERP solutions.

Civil Engineering

One of the other popular engineering branches; civil engineers are in high demand because they are in charge of managing construction projects across the country. The fact that it is relatively easier to study as compared to other branches, due to minimal mathematics and software learning, also makes it a preferred branch for many.

● Other Engineering branches

There are various other branches you can choose from, such as Electronics and Communications, Chemical, Aerospace, and Construction, Bio-Technology, Textile, Biomedical, Aeronautical, and Mechatronics engineering, which have specific applicability and job prospects.

How to Choose an Engineering Course

1. Identify Your Own Abilities

First and foremost, it is imperative that you identify your abilities before applying to a BTech college. With more than 20+ engineering courses available in India nowadays, it is crucial that you map your own aptitude to choose and excel in a specific engineering stream.

2. Strike a Balance between Interest and Job Prospects

While there are several BTech courses such as electrical, electronics and communications, mechanical, etc. which are in high demand and offer great job opportunities, they won’t make much sense if your interest lies in an altogether different stream such as aeronautical, biotechnology or textile.
The key here is to choose the course you’re truly passionate about as it will keep you motivated to learn and perform well, throughout the course duration.

3. Consider Specialisation

While choosing the course/branch, it is extremely important to consider your preferred area of specialization. For example, if you are interested in learning only software, it is best to go with either computer science or software engineering.

4. Understand what Kind of Job you will get

Trying to figure out the kind of job you will get after completing a degree in BTech helps in choosing the course tremendously. For example, after completing a degree in computer science/information technology, you will get a job related to networking, computer software, hardware, cybersecurity, etc.

Final Note

While the aforementioned tips certainly come handy when choosing the right BTech college and course, it is, ultimately, entirely your decision as to which branch to choose.
Conduct thorough research, talk to experienced people in your network and seek the advice of engineering seniors to get a gist of the future prospects of your preferred branch. Once you shortlist a few options, assess your specific area of interest, followed by your strengths and weaknesses, before taking a final call.

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