Manipal Student Ananya Roy
Electrical and Electronics Engineering MIT, Manipal Class of 2020

Manipal – A Place Where the Heart Belongs!

Manipal. A reservoir of thunderous showers and extensive dry spells, of oreo shakes and masala dosas, of four-legged companions and quirky faculty members, of endless opportunities and memories to treasure for a lifetime! Well, the list goes on…

Here, you’ll get lost and find yourself in ways that you didn’t even deem possible. Here, you’ll learn the value of time, money and functional umbrellas-(mind you, only one of them is replaceable). Here, you’ll develop the unlikeliest yet sturdiest of friendships and learn to find joy in summery (or rainy) shades of solitude. Here, you’ll hustle like you’ve never hustled before- all for that unparalleled thrilling sense of accomplishment that right here, you’ve got a purpose. In this young, beach-enshrouded wonderland, you’ll redefine your own boundaries. Now before this starts to sound too much like an advertisement for Nike, let’s back up a bit. What really is Manipal?

A sequestered suburb within the city of Udupi, Karnataka, Manipal mesmerizes with its lush greenery, calm backwaters, and clear starlit night skies. Dismiss any concern you may have of it essentially being a small town- we’ve got K.F.C., INOX, Reliance, quality eateries, expertly maintained gyms and a full health coverage under Medicare, not to mention state-of-the-art infrastructure that supplements the most breathtaking scenery. You can’t be warned enough about the erratic climate- an umbrella here amounts to a fundamental extension of your arm. A single visit to the beach, or End Point, or even fleeting moments spent whimsically stargazing suffice in making you fall in love with this university querencia.

The real charm of Manipal, however, lies in the diversity of its inhabitants. They may be divided by cities and heritage, but they’re united by eternal hunger and insomnia. Somewhere along those all-nighters, end-minute rehearsals, everlasting jam sessions and genuine heart-to-heart real talk, you’ll make a plethora of friendships, each one-of-a-kind.

For every ‘Anna’ (Kannada term for elder brother) with a heart-of-gold, you’ll have a tantalizing experience that’ll make for an excellent dinnertime story. For every group study session, a pack of ‘Milk-Bikis’ and endless inside jokes will be shared. There are no words to describe the exhilaration you experience on your first trip out with your newfound mates, who only a few months ago were nothing more than indistinguishable faces to you.
Each resident of this multifaceted town houses an ocean of talent and interests waiting to be shared. The transition from unassuming freshers to slightly less unassuming seniors is not essentially perceptible at first, but it hits you out of nowhere when you find yourself subconsciously managing the weekly expenses and working past your customary bedtime to reach that unavoidable deadline. The independence and diversity you’ll find here is quite unlike anything elsewhere. However, You must be responsible, cooperative and treat the city well. In return, the city will give you all you expect from it, and so much more.
Manipal is a rucksack full of incredulous stories you can’t wait to get home and tell the family about. Manipal is an assortment of myriad emotions. And, before you know it, Manipal is home.

About Manipal:

Manipal Academy of Higher education (MAHE) is a global institute of repute. Besides courses in various other fields, here are some of the popular ones that students opt for. Click on the course of your interest to find out more on it.

B Tech Engineering, BSC Nursing, B Pharm, MBBS, BDS, BSc Animation, BA Media & Communication, BHM, and BA Culinary

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“It is important for every student to undergo education in a place like Manipal. It is a cultural cauldron one must dip in at least once to come out rising and shining.”

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