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The Alluring Opportunities with a Master’s Degree in Public Health

Contrary to what most people think, becoming a medical practitioner is not the only way to help people lead a healthy life. If you are passionate about helping people who need medical help, then the Masters in Public Health is just the course for you.
There are several public health programs apart from the Master’s which you can be a part of to take the first step. You can pursue any of the public health degrees like MSc Public Health or start with small public health courses to see if this is something that interests you.

A Master’s degree in Public Health (MPH) is not only a very satisfying job, but it also has a lot of perks in terms of salary. For those who wish to do some good for the world and earn well, this is the perfect job. Once you have completed your public health degree, there are a lot of career options to choose from, based on how you want to work. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started.

Public Healthcare Project Manager

This is fulfilling work for those who want to be out in the field and help the affected people directly. As a public healthcare project manager, you will provide medical assistance to people who suffer from diseases.
You will also have to branch out and find different ways to help them get financial aid for the underprivileged, recruit and manage volunteers, and perform various other activities to make the lives of the affected people better.

Healthcare Administrator

A healthcare administrator is a wholesome job wherein you are responsible for managing a hospital, a wellness center, a healthcare center, or a clinic. You will be multitasking to ensure that the facilities are running smoothly and the patients get complete care.
As a healthcare administrator, you will be responsible for looking after the daily functioning of the hospital from an administrator’s side, create and manage the services provided to the patients, develop new healthcare programs that offer better solutions, and also manage the budget for all of these. You will also be responsible for the procurement and maintenance of the equipment in the facilities and will also get involved in the issues of the healthcare system.

Research Analyst

Research analysts or technically known as epidemiologists is a good position if you are really interested in making a difference. With an MPH degree, you will closely work on the technical aspects of the medical field.
Your main responsibility will be to research diseases, their causes, the ways they can be transmitted, the solutions, and the means to contain it. You will be more of a scientist working out of a lab and will be required to use most of the teachings you have learned during the MPH programs – biology, chemistry, statistics, and various social factors.

Health and Safety Engineers

After a public health degree, if you want to work on the technological side of the medical domain, then becoming a health and safety engineer is a good choice. You will be in charge of making sure that all the medical equipment works as it is intended and does not pose any threats or hazards to the people.
You may also work on the potential hazards or cases where there were accidents due to the equipment and ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

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These different job roles will give you an idea of the enormous impact you can have after getting an MPH degree. Getting a Master’s degree in Public Health from a reputed institution will help you to land such high paying jobs as soon as you graduate. Manipal Academy provides the prestigious degree of Masters in Public Health as a two-year course.

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